Sane Solitary


Looking through large windows on the corner that Vacant Shop Café sits, one can see and sense space just at their name implies. The white walls, floors, tables, and counters are a canvas for the furniture and tableware that appear like artifacts. There is something very earthy yet clean and about the large white oval table covered in glasses, carved wood trays, and unconventional candles holders that serve as a display. Several contemporary designed chairs and benches surround it as if it were a gathering. Each piece is crafted in a way that is complementary to the natural form of a raw material like stone or wood for instance.

Lamps are displayed on countertops and on pillars around the corners of the room. Each lamp reminds the eye of the beauty of simple form, shape and tone. Upon closer inspection subtle textures that are reminiscent of natural material are illuminated. One can enjoy a coffee amidst a space that allows the mind to go blank before the rounded edge of the the oval cut coffee table leads the eye toward a glass serving bowl that holds single grapefruit. It is these subtle yet unique design elements inside Vacant Shop Café that inspire everyday creativity.  


Fashion A. Bell, Anne And The Crwd, Bae Bae, Fadeiin, Nineteen Seoul, Lexx Finger Marche, Picoment, Reike Nen, Tamburins and Saint Laurent.

Photography Yoon Jonghyun Art Direction and Styling Daniel Teo Make up and Hair Cherie Alexis Ng Model Ara Words Kori Freeman Cafe Vacant Shop / Cafe

Momentum Seoul